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Produce Farm Business Unit



Produce Farm Businees Unit

Commissioned in 2003.

Leverages on Kenana quality animal feed and Company infrastructure.

Part of Kenana vision to produce low cost, high quality food.




Integrated modern farm, consists of five main activities; milk, poultry, fattening, horticulture and forestry.

Each activity is managed as a separate profit centre.


Production Capacity


  • Milk 3.0 Million Litre
  • Poultry 2.1 million Kg
  • Meat (Beef) 18 million Kg
  • Seedlings (Fruit /Ornamental) 1 million Unit
  • Fruit and Vegetables: 0.50 Million Kg
  • Woody products 6,000 Acre /forest






Domestic - 100%


Produce Farm Businees Unit