Kenana Sugar Company - Subsidiaries - Kenana Integrated Agricultural Services

Kenana Integrated Agricultural Solutions (KIAS)




    • KIAS was established in 2010, and is a fully owned Kenana Sugar Company Subsidiary.
    • Workforce: KIAS Management body with its different levels consists of:
      • Strategic Departments: 36 employees.
      • KIAS Projects’ Permanent employees: 3,039.
      • KIAS Projects’ Seasonal employees: 11,000.



Leveraging on KSC’s IP on integrated agricultural production and management

    • Taking advantage of natural resources availability - land, water and conductive climatic conditions in Sudan.
    • Addressing food security concerns across the region supported by the investor’s strong interest in agricultural projects and Sudan’s favorable Investment Act.

Current Business


  • Rahad Project:                   330,000 acres
  • suki Project:                         89,000  acres
  • White Nile Farms Project: 17,000  acres


Annual Production Cycle


  • Summer Crop: Peanut/Sunflower/Cotton
  • Winter Crop:    Maize/Sunflowers /Soybeans


Potential Business



  • Gazira Scheme :              2,000,000 acres
  • River Nile state:               100,000 acres
  • Northern state :               200,000 acres