Kenana Sugar Company - Investments - White Nile Sugar Company

White Nile Sugar Company (WNSC)



White Nile

Eastern bank of White Nile in total area 165,000 acres.





  • Integrated operation for cane growing & sugar manufacturing.
  • Follow KSC diversified model
  • Become one of the lowest cost sugar producers in the World.
  • Achieve food security objective and improve the livelihood of thousands of families in the region.


Sugar Production Capacity



  • TCD 24000 MT/Cane/Day
  •  450,000 tons of sugar
  • 128 Megawatt of electricity
  • 60 million liter of ethanol
  • 100,000 MT animal feed

Targeted Commissioning Date

 April 5th 2012



The Shareholders


Total cost of the project US$ 1.1 billion.

Kenana is the biggest shareholder with 8 years EPM contract of the project.