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Mahaseel Agricultural Investment Fund




The Fund will invest in greenfield opportunities and Private Equity investments (brownfield) in the agriculture sector, agro-food & related industries.

Investment across the wide agriculture sector spectrum; from primary agriculture business through to the value added, food processing and retail.
Investment diversification over different territories and across various subsectors to captures growth prospects along entire agribusiness value chain.

The Fund will aim to create synergies between its portfolio companies through vertical and/or horizontal integration to maximize growth.

The Fund will acquire controlling stake (51%) in the Operating Companies.

If less than 51% invested in Operating Companies then the Fund should be able to influence through strong shareholder agreement.

Life Cycle


Key terms of the Fund



  Legal structure
The Agriculture Fund, L.P. is a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership.
  Aggregate capital commitments
US$ 1 billion
  Investment Objective
Provide Investors with the opportunity to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation through investing in promising greenfield projects and attractive private equity investments (brownfield) in the agriculture sector and agro-food business.
  Geographic focus
The fund will focus on investment opportunities in the MENA region, with an initial focus on Sudan.
The Fund’s target term is 8 years (extendable by 2 one year periods).
  Minimum Capital Commitment
The minimum capital commitment by a limited partner is USD 5 million by an individual and USD 10 million for institutional investors
  General Partner / Investment Manager
Kenana Agriculture GP Ltd. has primary responsibility for and charge over the business, affairs & management of the Fund in all respect.
Kenana Agriculture GP Ltd.  will  provide management services to the Fund, including investment sourcing, financial due diligence, valuation, financial structuring, negotiation, advisory support to investment and divestiture decisions, monitoring of investments, and the sourcing of exit opportunities.

Management fees
2% of the capital commitments from the Limited Partners.

  Exit Strategy
The Fund will exit from the investments in one of the following methods:
Sale of stake to interested third party
Listing of the Operating Company by an IPO
List the Fund on a recognised Stock Exchange
Limited Partners may have the opportunity to increase their ownership and/or build-up a direct stake in any of the fund’s portfolio companies.