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ProductionKSC produces high-grade ethanol (purity of 99.8%), higher than the EU standards. The quality has attracted the attention of European markets and orders are flooding in, prompting KSC to expand current operations to meet future demand.


Product Name: Ethanol


Producer: ETBU


Ethanol – Anhydrous Alcohol
Appearance Clear, bright, free of suspended or settle material
Ethanol, V/V 99.6 – 99.8 %
Methanol 1.0 % WT, max
Invoatile matter at 105 0C 10 mg / 100 ml, max
Higher saturated monoalchols (C3 – C5) 2.0 % WT, max
Total acidity (As Acetic Acid) 0.007 % WT, max
Copper 0.1 mg/kg, max
Water conent, V/V 0.3 % WT, max
Inorganic chloride 20 mg/l, max
Phosphorus 0.5 mg/l, max
Sulfur 10 mg/kg, max


Ethanol – Anhydrous Alcohol
Ethanol – Anhydrous Alcohol
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