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  • Sudan is the largest country in Africa bordering seven countries and has a very diverse topography.
  • The agriculture sector is a major contributor to Sudan’s economy: 31% of GDP in 2009.
  • Rain fed agriculture covers a large area in Sudan.
  • The main exports are crude oil, cotton, Arabic gum, sesame, groundnuts, fruits and vegetables, livestock, sugar, and Ethanol.
  • Within the agricultural sector in Sudan, statistics indicate that crop production comprises 53% of agricultural output, livestock constitutes 38% and forestry and fisheries constitute 9%.



Key Statistics

Area 41.1 million
Population growth 2009 2.1%
GDP 2009 USD 54.3 billion
GDP growth 2009 3.8%
GDP per capita 2009 USD 2,300
Population 2009 3,154,490


Structure of the Economy


Economy Structure

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