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  • Sudan is located in the northeastern part of Africa and the country occupies the middle part between Africa and the Arab World with total area of 1.8 million square meter, the country is the  third largest Arab and African country and  sixteenth among the largest countries of the world
  • With its generous quota of land and great herds of livestock, Sudan’s brightest possible future depends not only on continuing to attract huge investments in agriculture for the sake of its own economy, but also on addressing the problem of global food security
  • Industrial diversification in Sudan is the cornerstone for economic and social development, one such industry is the agro – industry which currently dominated by sugar, with some flour mills. The country is one of biggest African sugar producers after Egypt and South Africa, kenana is a main sugar manufacturing in Sudan.
  • Sudan’s transport system is a key cog in economic development, with major communications infrastructure now in place the horizontal  service sector will connect people’s activities and spur economic growth
  • According to the IMF economic growth is expected to strengthen to 3% in 2016 onward , forecast is based on the assumption of strong agricultural revival, minerals, services, a gradual recovery of global oil prices (oil-transit fees) , political stability in South Sudan, sustained inflows of FDI and a positive outcome from the national dialogue to end the civil war and conflicts.


Key Statistics


Area 1.8 million
Population growth 2 %
Nominal GDP 2016 USD 94.1 Billion
GDP Growth 2016 3 %
Population 2016 38 Million




Structure of the Economy


Economy Structure

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