Kenana Sugar Company - Business Units -  Quality Control and Assurance Department

Quality Control & Assurance Department (QCA)



Quality ControlQuality Control & Assurance department responsibilities are:


  • Provides its services to all BUs, department & subsidiaries of the company.
  • Responsible for the quality control of all company products & services.
  • Responsible for the quality of all company inputs.
  • Responsible for setting & monitoring benchmarking in all BUs & departments, processes.
  • Responsible for quality assurance of all company processes.
  • Control the central labs & responsible for issuing of all export certificate for all products.


QCA consists of two main sections:


Quality Control (QC) 

  • Responsible for the quality of all Kenana products & inputs.
  • Several specialized laboratories are under this section (sugar lab, Animal Feed lab, Ethanol lab, Dairy products lab, water treatment lab, Civil works lab, Foundry lab, Fuel & Petroleum lab, Special analysis lab and the microbiology lab).
  • Each lab is equipped with the proper instruments to serve its goals.
  • Well trained staff is located in each lab.



Quality Assurance (QA)


  • Responsible for benchmarking & monitoring of every process, activity and service in all BUs & departments.


QCA powered with more than 30 graduates of different specialization to cover all the activities.

  • ISO 17025, accreditation of laboratories.
  • ISO 9000, for operational units.
  • ISO 14000, for the environment.